Wy we use UNSPSC classification ?

UNSPSC,medical equipment class
UNSPSC® - The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code®.
The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code allows to classify every service and good into a pre-defined category.
Hosmed.eu bases its classification of medical equipment offered by the website’s users on the above established classification. Hosmed.eu is a professional service using the UNSPSC codes.
What are the basic advantages to the user from this classification being in place?
The Single European Market rules present in the European Union create an opportunity for the potential buyers of goods offered via Hosmed.eu. The transaction parties can come from vary European countries or from outside Europe. Due to a unified UNSPSC classification searching for products is much easier, even if the product itself is described in a national language. For foreign users of Hosmed, the access path via the categories’ tree is expanded in English or other language. Thanks to this, the item can be sold to another country without problems. In the same way, local buyers of medical equipment can purchase goods abroad using the UNSPSC codes-based menu.
In case of manufacturers and Internet retailers and wholesalers cooperating with Hosmed, our website is an additional channel that allows to reach products on your website due to the classification based on a renowned standard.
Another benefit resulting from the UNSPSC classification is the ability to show all items at a given category level, from the most general to the most specific, according to the requested criteria. Such display of items can groups products not only identical by name (as most price comparison websites do, e.g. Shopping.com or Shopzilla) but also products that have different features with similar functionality. For instance, blood pressure units can be grouped together despite different names and manufacturers, which allows to compete not only by price (some popular websites discriminate against pricier products) but also the features or sale terms.
Many buyers support their supply processes with search systems that are based on unified classification standards. Thanks to UNSPSC, Hosmed.eu is a website that can work with such systems. In this way, other websites can integrate with Hosmed.eu .
In summary
The UNSPSC classification, used by Hosmed.eu significantly increases the value of the service to the user and allows to better search for offers by shops, manufacturers and other sellers cooperating with us. Although the classification is very precise, it is worth applying it to your products.