Information for service providers Always together in business. The prime aim of’s website is a holistic presentation of offers by various suppliers of medical equipment and firms providing services to the healthcare sector, operating on the Polish and European markets. People who are the decision makers in the medical sector in most cases use direct contacts with the representatives of the servicing firms. allows to close the gap and increase the chances of all firms offering services in this sector.
Basic advantages of cooperation with
A chance to reach the target market for your offers faster due to the specialist nature of the website
An improvement of your website’s position/page rank in major web search engines (e.g. Google) due to our presentation and publishing efforts.
No charges
In order to offer services on Hosmed you just have to:
1. Open a user account (register); and
2. Perform a one-off activation for a symbolic EUR 1 (no additional charges)
We encourage you to publish specialist articles on Hosmed that are linked to services for hospitals and healthcare units, but without explicit advertising nature (articles of explicitly advertising nature are subject to additional charges).
You are able to publish banner ads on Hosmed pages. We offer very attractive terms.
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