Information for manufacturers brings you luck! The website integrates many medical equipment shops and aims to holistically present offers by various suppliers of medical equipment operating in the Polish and European markets.
The website is not an auction place or a place where the transactions are undertaken. It is a place where information on prices and places to buy equipment is provided.
We also aim to present offers by the very producers of medical equipment and accessories, particularly the innovative solutions
The website is and excellent place to present new technologies and solutions concerning construction and functioning of cutting-edge medical equipment.
We give you an opportunity to present your leading products in the form of sponsored articles. Each article has to be linked to a particular product line belonging to a specified category according to the international UNSPSC classification. Thanks to this, the article will be visible in the context of the product page (of several different sellers) linked to the category.
We invite you to supply us with one trial article which we will publish for free. The following articles will be published subject to charges, unless they are not of explicitly advertising nature. Such articles will be published free of charge.
The aim of the articles is to present technology and solutions offered by your products.
No charges
You are also able to list on our pages all products from your catalogue.
In order to offer services on Hosmed you just have to:
1. Open a user account (register); and
2. Perform a one-off activation for a symbolic EUR 1 (no additional charges)
In case of a large number of products we invite you to use automated import.
Each item listed with contains a web link to the product on the producer’s web page.
Basic advantages of cooperation with
  • A chance to reach the target market for your offers faster due to the sector and specialist nature of the website
  • The key feature of the website is classification of medical equipment according to the UNSPSC standard used in electronic trade.
  • An improvement of your website’s position/page rank in major web search engines (e.g. Google) due to our product presentation and articles. Integration with allows to improve the popularity ranking of the seller’s website.
Under our promotion for all new sellers there is a possibility to publish banner ads for EUR 1 for 1 month. The condition to qualify for this is to list at least 100 products.
Find a business partner!
If you are interested in finding a trade partner or a distributor of equipment you offer, we are inviting you to publish ads in our B2B module.
If you are interested please get in touch via the Contact page or by creating a Hosmed user account on the Registration page.
Welcome and many happy sales! team